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Getting started

  • Download & Install VirusVanish Antivirus

    Download Virus Vanish and install it on your device. Click on the download button and follow the steps to run the installation.

  • Run an Initial Scan

    Let Virus Vanish perform a deep, full scan to identify existing threats. It will help to remove and clean the malware from device.

  • Review the Scan Results

    When Virus Vanish fully scans the device, browse through the results. Clean the virus threats found on the device.

  • Set and Forget... You Are Protected!

    Virus Vanish automatically launch and scan your device on a scheduled basis. You can set the automated scan for complete protection.

Sarah carter

Now I can surf internet without any worries. My computer runs at an amazing speed. I am glad to know that my computer is safe from any virus or malware.

Steven Parker

Virus vanish has outperformed all the other security programs. I love its speed and efficiency. I will highly recommend this antivirus to every PC and mobile users.

Proactive Defense

Virus vanish antivirus combines intelligent technology that directly monitors a program's behavior to determine if it is a virus. It dynamically identifies and characterizes the code in the cloud to quickly eradicate it.

Active Protection

Virus Vanish scans websites for malicious codes. It blocks web-based malware before it can infect your device.

Email virus protection

Virus Vanish will scan for malicious emails. It will detect and report about suspicious emails, protecting you from internet threats.

Peak performance!

Virus Vanish helps in keeping your device running at peak performance with its advanced detection engine and algorithms.

Round-the-clock protection

Virus Vanish protect your device 24 x 7. Install, and get started. The antivirus will ensure that your device is protected.

Protect all your devices

Virus Vanish protects all your devices such as the PC, Mac or mobile devices from malware, virus and spyware.

Remote assistance

Virus Vanish provides remote assistance to all its customers. Whenever you find any difficulty, send your query.

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