All-in-one computer protection

Virus vanish antivirus is an all in one PC security software which help in keeping your computer safe and your privacy protected. It detects viruses, spyware, bots, Trojans, and eradicates it completely from the computer.

Easy installation

Virus vanish antivirus ensures smooth, hassle free installation process. It is light and thus get installed in minutes. The process is simple to match the common user's needs and preferences.

Deep threat scanning

Virus vanish is updated with the most extensive threat database. It can eradicate many threats that other antivirus in the industry fails to detect. The database keeps on updating time to time ensuring that your computer on-guard status is optimal.

Real-time active monitoring and protection

Virus vanish leverages several detection methods to monitor and protect against internet security issues, including zero-day attacks, in real time.

Email virus protection

Infected emails are a popular way to spread viruses. Virus vanish antivirus protects against email viruses in Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows mail and any email program using POP3 and SMTP.

High-performance anti-malware/adware engine

Virus vanish antivirus combines advanced antivirus and anti-spyware technologies to provide comprehensive security that does not slow down your PC. It helps in maintaining your privacy and alerts you from all incoming threats.

Advanced anti-rootkit technology

Scans, detects, and removes any rootkit that is hidden on your computer using the advanced rootkit detection technology.

Removable device scanning / USB protection

Scans USB flash drives and other removable device and files for threats automatically when connected to the PC.

History Cleaner

It helps in removing the browsing and search histories, including the history stored by many popular applications. This application helps in maintaining your privacy.

Startup Manager

Virus vanish allow you to control, configure and review the programs and services that are normally hidden and enables you to add programs.

Secure File Eraser

"Erase files with Virus vanish" options will add to your Window's explorer menu that will help you to permanently delete all traces of a file. No unnecessary residues are left behind.

Scheduled Scans

Virus vanish allow you to run any type of pre-configured or custom scans at the scheduled time. It proactively protects your PC every time. You can restrict what sort of scans can be scheduled.

Selection and removal

Virus vanish detects all the threats found and reports back. The reported threats can be completely removed or can be chosen individually for elimination.

Quick, full, and custom scans

The different scan options provided by Virus Vanish provide the ability to deeply scan your system. If you are looking for a specific threat or suspect an infection, you can easily locate it.

Quarantine to allow restoration of detected files

In some cases, threat detection is not 100% valid. Virus Vanish will recommend or auto-process that threat to be quarantined in order to make it restored later.

Removal of unwanted browser cookies

Virus vanish antivirus scan browsers. All the suspicious or unwanted browser cookies will be detected and eradicated.

Automatic Updates

To ensure that your system is free from virus, spyware or malware, the antivirus will automatically get updated for free. This means your PC is completely secured.

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