How to install Virus Vanish Antivirus?

Follow the steps below to install Virus Vanish Antivirus:
      1. Download Virus Vanish Antivirus - click here
      2. Click on the downloaded file.
      3. Confirm the terms and conditions.
      4. Let the installation process finish (this might take a couple of minutes).
For further information and detailed screenshots, please click here

How to manually remove Virus Vanish Antivirus?

If you wish to remove our application, you can easily uninstall just as you would any other software on your computer:


1. Click Start in the lower left corner of your screen
2. From the Programs menu, select Virus Vanish Antivirus.
3. Select Uninstall.
4. Follow the on-screen prompts until finished.


1. Click Start at the lower left corner of your screen
2. Click in the “Control Panel” menu button
3. Choose Uninstall a Software
4. Mark the Virus Vanish Antivirus under the applications list
5. Choose Uninstall

What are the minimal system requirements for Virus Vanish Antivirus?

Virus Vanish Antivirus is compatible with the most common minimal computer resources:
• 512MB of RAM
• 32- or 64-bit versions of either:
        Windows XP Service Pack 3
        Windows Vista Service Pack 1
        Windows 7 or Windows 8
Newer Service Packs than the minimum listed are supported.
*Recommended: 1GB of memory, a broadband internet connection, and latest Windows and Internet Explorer updates.
Supported email clients (applies to email protection):
      1. Microsoft Outlook 2000 or newer, including Outlook 2014
      2. Outlook Express on Windows XP
      3. Windows Mail on Windows Vista
      4. Other email products that use SMTP/POP3 for sending and receiving messages, including Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, and many others.
Note: SSL and TLS Internet security protocols are only supported with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, and Windows Mail.

Cannot download Virus Vanish Antivirus?

If you cannot download from the website, please click here to download. If the download starts and yet blocked by your browser, look for the confirmation button to release the process.

Why does Virus Vanish Antivirus say it has expired after a re-install?

Reinstallation of the Virus Vanish Antivirus product will not release another free trial period, and as your license has expired OR your trial period has ended, you now need to register/upgrade your version to a fully featured one. The registration process is done here (click and follow the process steps).

How to download Virus Vanish Antivirus for small businesses?

Small business use is permitted similar to personal home computer. However, for bulk licensing and pricing, please contact us.

Registration / Activation:

How to register/extend your subscription?

Virus vanish antivirus is designed for simplicity and ease of use. One needs to enter the activation code received into the activation box.

1. Click on the Register Now Button - you will be taken through a registration process and in the meantime, Virus Vanish Antivirus will pop an activation code input prompt.
2. Complete the Registration Process - A quick and easy to complete registration process!
3. Copy > Paste the activation code into the activation box- copy the activation code you have received into the activation box and click on the Activate button to complete the activation process.

Where can I find my Virus Vanish Antivirus activation key?

The Activation key/code is both on the post-purchase page, shown right after your registration process has been complete AND is sent to your email just in case you need it later on.

Error: 'Virus Vanish Antivirus was unable to register due to an error.

Check your internet connection...' when attempting to register Virus Vanish Antivirus?

Please check that your internet is working properly.
Also – please make sure you copy > paste the activation code into the activation box and not type it in manually to avoid typing errors.
If both are done and still result in an error, please contact our support for immediate assistance.

What to do if you receive an expired subscription notice?

If you have received an expiration notice or alert to either your email or within the Virus Vanish Antivirus application, please click on the register now button to go through the renewal process and make sure your software remains fully active and your PC protected at all times.

Where can I purchase Virus Vanish Antivirus?

Contact us to purchase the right virus vanish antivirus license.

How to view scan history on Virus Vanish Antivirus?

To review the scan history, please click on the Manage Tab, and then on the History link inside.

What is Virus Vanish Antivirus update notification?

Virus vanish antivirus update notification helps you know when you need an update. If it has been automatically upgraded to the latest version, notifications will be available.

Virus Vanish Antivirus deep, quick, or custom scans do not complete, hang or crash the system?

If the following in regards to Virus Vanish Antivirus deep scans are experienced:
      - Scans are causing the system to hang or crash
      - Scheduled scans are not being run
      - Scans are not finished
      - Scans do not stop until the machine is shut down or Virus Vanish Antivirus is shut down
      - Nothing is being scanned according to the scan progress window but the graphic keeps moving
This is an indication that the Virus Vanish Antivirus scan has hung during the scan on an object or has encountered a thread lock.

Preliminary Troubleshooting:

Some preliminary steps should be taken before running any of the following processes.

- Run a disk cleanup and defragmentation
- Run a Check Disk process – The Check Disk will display an error for any problems detected. The errors will be logged into the event viewer should they need to be checked by a support technician. The Check Disk utility will make an attempt to repair the errors.

NOTE: troubleshooting is a technical process. If you are not well acquainted with computer, please contact our technical support team for assistance.

Once you have followed the above steps, you can run a scan with Virus Vanish Antivirus again. If it still hangs, please ensure that other third party anti-virus products are removed from the system.
If these steps do not resolve the issue, disable the scan inside archives option and the scan for Rootkit option from the settings.

Below are instructions on how to do this:
      1. Open the Virus Vanish Antivirus interface
      2. Click Settings
      3. Click the Scan Options tab
      4. Find the options labelled Enable RootKit Detection and the Scan Archive Files
      5. Under Quick, Deep System and Custom, uncheck the boxes next to these options
      6. Click Apply, and OK
Should this not resolve the issue, please contact support for further assistance.

How to shutdown/disable Virus Vanish Antivirus temporarily?

To temporarily disable Virus Vanish Antivirus exit the application main screen. In the icon tray, you can find the Virus Vanish Antivirus icon. Right click on the icon and choose to shut down the antivirus.

Trouble with email client after installing Virus Vanish Antivirus

If you are experiencing problem with email client after installing Virus Vanish Antivirus, you should ensure that you are only using email protection for selected email platform. Follow the below steps:

1. Open Virus Vanish Antivirus
2. Select Settings
3. Select the Email Protection tab
4. Select the check-box for your email client and only your email client
5. Click OK

Virus Vanish Antivirus's definitions update failed

If you get a message about Virus Vanish Antivirus’s definitions update failed- please make sure that your internet is working properly and registration status is valid. If these are confirmed and still the definitions are not updated, contact our technical support team for assistance.

Thunderbird will not send emails?

Make sure, only email clients you are using are selected in the Virus Vanish antivirus configuration. Open the Virus Vanish Antivirus from your desktop or start up menu. Open the settings window. Select Email Protection tab. Put a check mark under Enable Email Protection and make sure, only the email client you use is checked in this case, the third option down with ‘I use another email program Thunderbird.
- Check your port configuration in Thunderbird: First, get the correct outgoing mail (SMTP) settings from your service provider, usually your Internet Service Provider (ISP): try their website, search Google for your ISP plus the word “smtp”, or call them.
• Verify the settings in Thunderbird exactly match what your ISP provides: no typos (e.g., “smpt”), extra spaces, punctuation mistakes (e.g., no commas instead of periods) or capitalization errors (e.g., lowercase instead of Caps).
Click “Tools -> Account Settings -> Outgoing Server (SMTP)” (at the bottom of the left pane you may need to scroll down), and double-check:
• Port: Some service providers use non-standard ports (25 is standard). If you’re having problems, ask them which ports they support for SMTP or outgoing e-mail.

Confirm these settings match in your Virus Vanish Antivirus configuration. You can do this by:
      1. Opening Virus Vanish Antivirus
      2. Click Settings
      3. Select Email Protection at the top
      4. Under Email Clients, click Advanced and enter the same values as Thunderbird
      5. Press OK

How to delete a quarantined threat?

When Virus Vanish Antivirus quarantines a threat, it keeps a list of the threat and can be viewed from the Quarantined window under the managed tab. The antivirus will automatically delete the files that are older than 15 days. To delete the quarantined file manually, follow the steps below:

1. Open Virus Vanish Antivirus
2. Click the Manage tab and Click View Quarantine
3. Select the item(s) you wish to remove and click Delete from Computer. A pop-up will prompt you to confirm delete action, click Yes.

How to uninstall/remove existing antivirus program?

To uninstall an existing Antivirus, go to the control panel, choose ‘uninstall programs’, then locate the antivirus, click on it once and choose ‘uninstall’ from the options menu.

How can I tell if Virus Vanish Antivirus is correctly installed and activated?

To verify that Virus Vanish Antivirus is correctly installed and activated, open the home screen and look for the 3 green checkmarks. If all are green, it means that you are actively protected and all is up to date.

Why my scheduled scans are not starting?

Below are few reasons why scheduled scan may not start automatically. Below are some of the possible solutions.

Scheduled Scan Settings: Lets verify that we have the correct settings enabled within Virus Vanish Antivirus to ensure Virus Vanish Antivirus has the ability to do scheduled scans.

      1. Open Virus Vanish Antivirus
      2. Click on the Manage tab
      3. Click on the View Schedules shortcut under the Schedule Scans icon
      4. Now you should see a date and time listed per scheduled scan.
      If you do see a date and time listed, then Virus Vanish Antivirus is correctly configured to start a scan at the displayed date and time
      If you do not see a date and time listed, then you need to schedule a scan by clicking on the "Add New" link to the right.

Virus Vanish Antivirus Power Settings: Lets verify that Virus Vanish Antivirus’ power settings are configured in a way that will allow Virus Vanish Antivirus to wake a computer from sleep.

      1. Open Virus Vanish
      2. Click Settings
      3. Click the Power tab
      4. Verify there is a check in the box next to the Wake from sleep on scheduled scans option

Window's Power Settings: (Windows 7 only) There are some power settings in Windows 7 that may prevent Virus Vanish Antivirus from waking the computer from sleep to start the scheduled scan.

      1. From the Start Menu, type: Power Options at the Search Bar and press Enter
      2. In the Power Options window, click Change Plan Settings link to the right of the power plan that you have selected
      3. Click the Change Advanced Power Settings link
      4. In the Power Options Advanced Settings window, click the plus symbol (+) next to Sleep
      5. Under Sleep, click the plus symbol (+) next to Allow Wake Timers
      6. Change this setting to Enabled
      7. Click Apply, OK and close out on any of the remaining Power Options windows

Virus Vanish Antivirus scan causes system crash or blue screen

Several things need to be checked if Virus Vanish Antivirus scan are causing a system crash or blue screen:

Graphics Driver Issues: If a blue screen error is being produced, make note of the error. In some cases, the blue screen crashes are being caused by the graphics driver. This can be apparent in the crash dump information if the following error can be seen: DEFAULT_BUCKET_ID: GRAPHICS_DRIVER_FAULT. If this is the case, upgrade the graphics driver with the latest available version from the manufacturer and attempt a deep scan again.

Conflicting software: Check and uninstall conflicting software or any other antivirus installed. A possible conflict running a real time protection service is likely clashing with the virus vanish antivirus causing the system to crash.
If you do not understand the reason or could not resolve the problem, then you can call our customer support number for assistance.

How can I tell if my computer has a virus?

The following questions justifies that your computer have a virus.

Is your computer running very slowly?

The most common symptom is slow performance of your computer. However, there can be other reasons for slow performance.

Are you getting unexpected messages, or are programs starting automatically?

Some viruses cause damage to Windows or other programs. If messages appear automatically or Windows shut down suddenly, then your computer might have affected by virus.

Is your modem or hard disk working overtime?

An email virus works by sending different copies of itself by email. If the activity light on your broadband or external modem is constantly lit or there is a continuous sound on your computer's hard disk then it is an indication of virus infection.
Keep Virus Vanish Antivirus updated to ensure complete protection. Schedule deep scan regularly for improved performance.

How to use Virus Vanish Antivirus secure file eraser?

Secure File Eraser adds an option to windows explorer right-click menu to securely erase the selected file(s). Please note that when this feature is used, it will permanently eliminate all traces of any file you deleted and cannot be restored.

Follow the steps bellow on How to activate Secure File Eraser:
      1. By default Virus Vanish Antivirus Secure File Eraser is enabled. You can view the settings from Tools tab and select Configure File Eraser link
      2. Check the box with Add the "Erase Files..." otherwise, unchecked to disable this feature.
      3. To permanently delete file(s) using Virus Vanish Antivirus, right click on the folder or file you want to delete and select securely erase selected files…
      4. You will receive a confirmation for the delete action, click Yes to continue.

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